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Shocking footage has emerged of the Chatsworth fatal Ford Mustang Street Racing Hit and Run. Driver identified.

CHATSWORTH, LOS ANGELES – Video of the terrifying collision which claimed the life of two spectators has emerged. Los Angeles police identified the driver of a gray Ford Mustang, believed to be responsible for a deadly hit-and-run during an alleged illegal street race in Chatsworth on Thursday. Henry Gevorgyan, 21, is accused of driving a gray Ford...

John Deere lawn tractor pulls F350 Dually

WOW I never thought a simple lawn mower could pull a F350 and a trailer with ease! Share

How to unlock your car in 10 seconds!

So you want to know how to unlock your car if you get locked out? Here it is! Only work on older cars. Share

How to load cars on to a car trailer

Just when you think that them new cars were driven on to he back of the trucks! Share

Trucks Vs Sled

Truck Vs Sled here! Who do you think will win most of the runs? Sled or Truck? Share

Engine Explosion dyno room

This could have been dangerous if someone was in the room with that engine! Share

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