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NEVER GIVE UP – 3000hp Twin Turbo Mustang comeback

Now we have seen a lot of drag racing videos, but this is one of our favorites. Watch this insane run from this 3,000 hp Mustang as he makes an amazing comeback from last place. That power is CRAZY!

Water Transfer Printing Hydrographics

We know most of you have heard about Hydro Dipping, but it is always cool to see how it is done. There is endless possibilities with this and your vehicle on how you want it to look. Best part though is you can pretty much Hydro Dip anything!

Camaro Pounding The Ground Pigeon Forge Rod Run

Here is some really nice looking and sounding Camaro’s from Pigeon Forge Rod Run. What one is your favorite out of the video below? Would be cool to participate in this some day!

EarthRoamer XV-LTS F-550 Off-Road RV: Ultimate Zombie apocalypse Luxury Ride

The EarthRoamer XV-LTS F-550 Extreme Off-Road RV is the ultimate Zombiepocalypse Luxury Ride. If you need to go around the world in style and comfort and you need to do so off-road, this extreme recreational vehicle is perhaps the best and only choice.

Why people hate on Mustang drivers

Well here is a perfect example on why people label Mustang drivers as dumb. Check out in the video below as the kid tries to describe his Mustang. Watch out for those seven and a half inch pistons though! lol

The BEST Car Garage in the World

We know everyone has their own opinion on things, but we have to say this is one bad ass garage. That would be awesome to be in your living room enjoying tv and look over to see your beautiful rides in your garage. Is this a setup you would like to have?

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