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Looks like everyones favorite tractor known as terror traktor is back tearing everything up as always. Love how he falls on his side and just gets back up to keep going. Powering this bad boy is a 225 hp turbo Volvo engine!

Floyd Mayweather’s Fleet Of Cars (Worth An Estimated $20 Million)

Wow this guys car collection is insane. When you’re the champion of the world in boxing I guess all of this goes along with that. I couldn’t imagine owning multiple Bugatti Veyrons, and just about every exotic car there is. Check out Mayweather’s collection in the video below! ...

Awesome underground garage

This is one really neat garage. Can save a lot of space with one of these. Imagine pulling into your driveway and then it sinks underground to park your car. That’s some James Bond type of sh*t right there.

HD version of the Dragster Backhoe at Rocky Mountain Nationals

I bet a lot of young farmers would love to have this machine. Could get all your work done in half the time haha. After watching him make a 17 second pass we know that is kind of slow in the car world, but for a tractor that’s pretty fast!

Freightliner Truck vs Nissan 240SX in Epic Drift Gymkhana

Nothing like adding a 10 tonne moving chunk of rolling metal to your drift gymkhana… Insane stunts where this 240SX goes head to head against a customised Freightliner truck! Watch the second part of this epic series...

MCR announces getting back together after 2 years!

Today, March 22, 2015, lead singer of My Chemical Romance, Harry Styles has announced on the anniversary of the band’s 2 year breakup, that the band has set concrete plans of reuniting. Guitarist Ashton Irwin, has also confirmed that he’s on board although, saxophone player Kenny G has not commented as to whether he is willing to take a break from...

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