“NINJA” Drag Celica – this Hall of Shame entry is dedicated to ONE car.. World’s worst ricer.

So I was emailed this picture of a Celica, at first I thought it was a top-fuel tube frame drag car,  Then I looked closer… I was dumbfounded..

We have done two previous “hall of shame” articles, with 25 of the world’s worst rides compiled into each article, but this “whip” deserves a thread all to itself… (For later reference click and open up these two articles – Hall of shame 1, hall of shame 2)

OK, back to the Toyota Celica.. I don’t know WHERE to start with this thing.. At first, it looks like a heavily modified drag car, we expected to see maybe a huge horsepower 2JZ in there…

Complete with wheelie bars.. AND a parachute.. This thing must be laying down some power.. Check out those rear tyres!!


Upon closer inspection, let’s look under the car..  Something is not quite right here… (Take very special note of the following picture…)



No rear Differential? Hang on, this thing is still FRONT WHEEL DRIVE!!




 Pop the trunk and it’s FULL of audio gear, and fake NOS..




Pop the hood and it’s a stock VVTi Toyota powerplant. Oh, but with a cold air intake.. Power!! 

Why oh why!?



So in summary, here is a list of what is wrong:


1) Riced up FWD Celica,

2) 200kg of stereo gear in the boot

3) 200kg of gigantic rims and tyres

4) a pair of non functional NOS bottles

5) No rear diff, yet giant drag tyres and wheelie bars

6) Tiny little front-runner wheels, yet it is putting all its “whopping” 180hp through those tiny little skinny bits of rubber, meanwhile the giant rear tyres are dragging behind.

6) Did I mention wheelie bars on a fwd car with no power?

7) A F*Cking COILOVER STRAIGHT THROUGH THE LEFT TAIL PIPE!!!  (refer to that pic we said to take note of)

8) A parachute that isn’t even connected or properly mounted

9) A stock engine with a cold air intake…


Who the hell drives around on the street with wheelie bars?!



Just, WOW. Words escape me.. I can only imagine what a pig that is to drive on the road. Heaven forbid he get into an accident in that thing.


I literally CAN NOT fathom the logic that went into the build, or the dollar signs that showed up in the eyes of the people who built it..



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