So I found this hole in my kitchen roof… The stuff of nightmares..

“I found this in my kitchen”

Sounds innocent enough doesn’t it? Bet you’ll soon wish curiosity didn’t get the better of you! it didn’t! (read more)

Just like you, we wanted to see what he found, so we looked.. Immediately regretted the decision, but couldn’t help but drag you through that mess as well… So, happy days! Also highly suggest after reading the whole description at the bottom, share the love to your friends, so you can watch them squirm as well!


There was this hole in the wall… and a wasp kept returning to it.



Tom investigated.. What was this wasp doing, over and over?



Dear Lord, no… WTF is that?!


Let’s investigate further? I’d rather not, but since we are here…



Nope.. Nope… Nope nope.. NOPE!


Seriously, kill it with fire!









If you haven’t already closed this window, and bailed (which I highly suggest you should already have).. Our email tip explained the following: This is a special type of wasp nest. The “Mud Dauber”. It seeks out it’s prey (the spiders), stings then, lays their eggs INSIDE the spiders… The young wasps then eat the spiders from the INSIDE OUT.. This is the kind of stuff from horror movies, seriously… Nowwww, thanks to this, my skin is crawling just thinking about it, I’m about to head to sleep, and quite frankly, I somehow don’t see that happening.. As such, you also can suffer with me, and I highly suggest you share this with a friend so that can suffer the same wrath!


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