The Epic WTF HALL OF AUTOMOTIVE SHAME! 23 examples of carnage..

There is a line, that some people cross when modifying cars that leaves the rest of us shaking our head and saying “WTF”.. Here are a few examples of where that line was not only crossed, but completely annihilated.  We have compiled 23 of the most disgraceful vehicles of all time.

This is one prime example of what not to do. This Ford Taurus? Was found in Australia… Dear lord, save us all.. See on for more…


I like to call this masterpiece “The angry green ant” …  You can make out the pincers on the front..


Widebody conversion fail. Keep trying buddy.



The “Bugatti Supra”…Poor supra..



How many different cars can you identify on this thing? At a glance I see Porsche, Veilside, and Honda.. That’s one hell of an identity crisis, and we haven’t seen the back yet!



Is this a Nissan S13 convertible? I can’t tell, but I am pretty sure it’s a pimps car judging on that interior..


Them crazy Japs… I’m sure those tyres get good mileage!



I don’t even know where to start on this one…



This is actually kinda cool in some weird messed up way.



Ermm.. What?



This guy’s car had an allergic reaction to something… Probably allergic to it’s owner..



I don’t even know what this WAS. But those exhausts are brilliantly placed.. I thought this was a display or something, but looking at the background, it’s actually being driven around, and that’s at some kind of camp ground for the mentally challenged?



Them Japs #2…. This is actually a crazy called ‘bosozoku’, I’m assuming practicality is not one of the check-boxes for their vehicle design.



Dat downforce… Obviously being a race car, he needs all the downforce those 4, or is it 5? wings…



Got wood?


So Supra’s are not the only Bugattis.. I think this was a Honda Civic?



I guess an aircon, and a generator was the most practical way of staying cool this summer?



Not sure if SRS? OK, I’m *exhausted* haha ahh.. hmm



That’s one way of hooking up your intercooler….



The most atrocious door modification I have *EVER* seen!



I can only guess this guy was abducted as a kid? Wonder if they probed him.. I’d say they did.



“A man with priorities so far out of whack doesn’t deserve such a fine automobile”… Poor Ferrari… Sigh.

This is another guy quite obviously on a mission for all the downforce in the world..

Images for article supplied by StreetFX


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